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CP Centre

Ma Sarada Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Centre

What is Cerebral Palsy (CP)?

Cerebral Palsy is a condition caused by damage to the brain, usually occurring before, during or shortly following birth. “Cerebral” refers to the brain and “palsy” to a disorder of movement or posture. The disorders can range from mild to severe, causing physical and mental disabilities in the child, thus retarding the normal growth. Thus, a child affected by Cerebral Palsy is slow to reach developmental milestones such as learning to roll over, sit up, crawl, smile, or even walk.

About ‘Ma Sarada Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Centre’

It is a multidisciplinary early-intervention centre for the Cerebral Palsy children. The centre provides services under the care of an entire range of medical professionals & paramedical staffs.

Regular/ Specialised services offered by

The experts in these specialties attend to the patients. A facility of therapeutic garden is available to improve the movement, balance, equilibrium, and other ambulatory abilities.

The guardians incur heavy financial expenses for the regular treatment of their children. Therefore, the center deems it fit to provide training to the parents, so that they may continue with the exercises at their homes on a regular basis.

To create an awareness about the availability of treatment of CP,regular camps are conducted in the rural areas. Experts from Mumbai and other places are invited to provide treatement to the children.

The parents also suffer from psychological pressures. Regular counselling is also given to the guardians. The center tries to serve these children in every possible manner by way of providing free equipments like wheel-chair etc. whenever necessary.

Inauguration Ceremony by Swami Adibhavanandaji Mj (Secretary, Limbdi Ashrama)

Various Therapies

Audio - Visual Therapy

Speech Therapy

Orthopaedic Treatment

Counselling of Guardians

Play Ground


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