Shri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Rajkot

Temple : Temple

The Exterior

Exterior Finish

The exterior finish, especially of the domes, chhatris, parapets and windows embellishments is unique. They are pre-cast members in coloured concrete of 2” to 3” thickness and raised into position and grouted. The dome flutings and finials were done similarly. The process saved space as well as time. When one sees the result of this work on the main dome the feeling is one of awe. We are not aware if concrete cladding in this amount and complexity has ever been executed before. And the superb white concrete lotus in the centre of the Garbha Mandir leaves one struck dumb with admiration.

The entire finish to the temple is sand – faced plaster, with the colour integral in the material itself. When applied, it was terracotta shade. By the effect of the weather, this has now turned to a deep saffron – the colour of the robes of the monk.

The entire electric wiring is concealed, as also are many of the fixtures.

External Domes

All the external domes have gun-metal Kalash and spires. At the top of the main dome is a light system housed in gun-metal frame enclosed by transparent fixtures made of reinforced plastic. Above this is the copper Kalash.

From the main gate to the main entry is a twin concrete path separated by a water feature. This concrete path goes all round the temple. The side gates are of the Buddhistic style. The wheels represent the Ratha of Jagannath on the move.

(Shri K. Banerjee, Shilpayatan of Ahmedabad has rendered all sculptural and decorative claddings to the entire temple, both inside and outside. He has also helped in the preparation of the various motifs, appearing all around.

Electrical work was handled by Shri Ajit Shah, General Manager, M/s. Bajaj Electricals Ltd. with the assistance of M/s. U. T. Gopani & Sons. Ahmedabad.

The Gun-metal framings were made by Shri Umakantbhai Pandit, Chairman, M/s. Accumax Ltd. Rajkot assisted by Shri Pradhan in association with Shri Ravjibhai Patel of M/s. Patel Brass Works, Rajkot. The copper Kalash reinforced plastic fixtures were made by a team of Engineers from M/s. Jyoti Ltd., Baroda, under the guidance of their Chairman, Shri Nanubhai Amin and Smt. Savitaben Amin. The Kalash plating was executed by Shri Rameshwar Sarkar of M/s. P. B. Sarkar & Sons, Calcutta.)


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